Coronavirus and Addiction Treatment & Recovery

By: Jeffrey Lynne March 12, 2020 11:58 pm

Coronavirus and Addiction Treatment & Recovery

While we continue to monitor public health officials’ directives to responses to COVID-19, all providers of behavioral health services to persons with SUD need to take self-responsibility to ensure that all infectious disease protocols have been reviewed and supplemented by CDC Guidelines, as appropriate.  
The Palm Beach County Sober Homes Task Force will be discussing the subject with the Department of Health, DCF, and FARR to determine if a uniform set of guidelines specifically relevant to this unique and narrow niche of health care can be provided. In the interim, the following materials have been provided, for your review. 
We have not received any additional information from NAATP or any other national organization, beyond standard protocols, as they are rolled out by the CDC.
Remember – people who are in your care, particularly those newly from out of state, pose a potentially new risk to others. They should be property screened in advance before travel. These people are also are extremely vulnerable and incredibly reliant upon your leadership and protection during this time of heightened “crisis.” 
Being a community effort, we are asking all of our readers to please send in any local or state-specific “best practices” guidelines relating to the handling of epidemics, infectious disease outbreaks, and SUD programs that you may come into possession of, so we can share it with our greater recovery community of readers.
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